About Us


Make a statement and turn heads with our premium, uniquely-beautiful handbags. RRA Beads’ bags, purses, and clutches are designed and meticulously handmade by co-founder Ruky Afanu herself.  

Born and raised in Ghana, where African beads are more common than in the United States, Ruky began carrying bead bags in her teens and eventually had curated a an impressive collection of the functional and striking accessories before ever trying her hand at the craft.

While working as an accountant in Ghana, she took bead-making lessons from a friend as a hobby. Only two months later, her creativity flourished. Her husband, Robert, a software developer, saw her passion for creating stylish, original, and sustainable accessories and encouraged her to fulfill her dream by going into business for herself. As a result, RRA Beads was born in 2017.

Our variety of bags are environmentally friendly, durable, and available in limited quantities so you can be sure that your bag will be uniquely yours.